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Experience the Museumstation Beekbergen

Beekbergen station is the heart of the living railway museum: the Museumsteamdepot with a very extensive collection of equipment, a large workshop, a beautiful old station building with an authentic station office, a large turntable for turning the steam and diesel locomotives, a moving coal crane, water columns, semaphore signals, manual level crossings and much more.

On the green riding days, you can pay a 45-minute visit to the Beekbergen Museum Station after the train journey on the King’s Line. Here you will imagine yourself back in the time when the steam train was still a common sight.

With the Stoomcourant in hand, you can walk past all the special places, so you can experience for yourself what used to be done in the steam depot in order to be able to run steam trains. Also visit the station building with a restaurant for a snack and a drink.

Next running days

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Departure is at 10:00 and 13:30 from Museum Station Beekbergen, at other stations there is no possibility of boarding or disembarking. The steam train will ride according to the green timetable.


The current fares for this package can be found on our fares page, the visit to Museumstation Beekbergen is included in the price of your regular return ticket.


For the green riding days when the steam train stops for 45 minutes at Museum Station Beekbergen a reservation is required, Reservations can be made via the website.

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