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Relive old times on Ascension Day

Ascension Day (2022) is the National Steam Train Day! On this day, the VSM will travel intensively with several steam trains between Apeldoorn and Beekbergen, and between Beekbergen and Loenen.

Various activities take place in our historic Museumstoomdepot. Locomotives are shunted, placed on the turntable, supplied with coal by an old coal crane, and driven under the water columns to take in water. Freight trains and historic diesel locomotives are also used from Beekbergen. And for a snack and a drink you can visit the trains and the terrace of Beekbergen.

If you are going to go dauwtrappen, you can also bring your bicycle for free on this day!

Next running day

The national steam train day will be available again in 2022


On Ascension Day, the service will be operated according to an intensive timetable, which will be available at a later time.


The current fares for this package can be found on the fares page.


Day passes are available from conductors on the steam train or at the station building in Beekbergen. Tickets cannot be purchased in advance.

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