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Logo Brons 2020 Gelderland

Coronavirus measures

The VSM is picking up speed again from Beekbergen station! The safety of visitors and employees comes first, we have taken Corona measures to guarantee this safety. We ask everyone who comes to visit the VSM to read the practical tips below, so that together we can ensure a great and safe outing.

Safely out together!


Stay at home if you or someone in your household suffers from a cold, cough, sore throat, higher temperature, fever and/or chest tightness until everyone has been free of symptoms for 24 hours.

Reserve with your own household

Only visit the steam train with your own household and if you are in possession of a pre-purchased online ticket for the train journey.

Private trasnsport

We request that you come to Beekbergen station with your own transport as much as possible, parking is possible near the station (Dorpstraat 140).


1.5-metre distance

Keep a minimum distance of 1.5 metres between your party and other visitors and employees at all times. To ensure that the 1.5 metres is guaranteed, markings have been placed on the ground at various places.


Wash and/or disinfect your hands when you: leave home, arrive, go to the toilet, blow your nose and have something to eat. Cough and sneeze on the inside of your elbow

Pay contactless

It is only possible to pay by PIN, if possible, also pay contactless.


Always follow the instructions of our employees.

Beekbergen museum station and steam train

Seats are allocated

You will have your own seating area on the steam train, so we request that you do not walk through the train to keep the 1.5 metres distance. Wearing a face mask in the train is not necessary because the 1.5 metres is guaranteed by the fixed seats. Also note that every carriage has a fixed entrance and exit.

No standing places on the balconies

In the train, it is not allowed to stay on the (open) balconies of the train.


The toilets in the train are partly closed, a single toilet can be used in case of emergency. We request that you use the toilet as much as possible before departure and after arrival at the station building of Beekbergen.

Guidelines for walking paths

There is one-way traffic in many places in the Museumstation Beekbergen, this is indicated on the spot by means of signs.


Food and beverage on the train

The catering outlet in Beekbergen will be open, no drinks will be sold in the steam train itself. It is possible to order a package with food and drinks with your ticket that you can take with you during the train journey.


Find a seat with the entire group (which may consist of a maximum of 4 people from different households), there are limited seats in the station building. The terrace around the station has more space.


Do not move the furniture indoors or outdoors.

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