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Logo Brons 2020 Gelderland
Logo Brons 2020 Gelderland

Will you be our new volunteer?

The VSM currently exists through the efforts of around 160 enthusiastic volunteers. They take care of all facets of VSM’s work, such as checking and monitoring compliance with railway safety, financial administration, mileage registration for locomotives and carriages, railway maintenance, marketing, train staff, catering, service staff and, of course, the maintenance of our rolling stock.

VSM is constantly looking for people who, in one way or another, want to contribute to the realisation of our objective, which is to keep a railway museum in operation. You can apply by sending an email to You will be contacted as soon as possible. Or you can contact one of our employees at the workshop in Beekbergen on Saturday. They can also help you further.

For more information on the work of the VSM, please look under the heading of volunteer positions.

What does a running day look like?

On a beautiful summer morning in the Museum Steam Depot Beekbergen, the policeman is putting his locomotive in front of the train, the official is connecting it. The lawyer hangs out of his window and watches as the alderman helps the last passengers into the train. Meanwhile, the vet has started closing the crossing gates. Just in time, the lawyer calls out to the police officer: “Abfahrt! The policeman sets the train in motion to begin the journey to Apeldoorn. At the first level crossing, the official gets out to stop the road traffic with the red flag so that the train can continue. In the train, the alderman is busy cutting all the tickets, in the historic manner.

This is a small sample of the tasks to be performed while operating the steam train. However, you may not be able to follow this story. If you change the policeman into the engine driver, the official into the chief conductor, the lawyer into the stoker, the alderman into the conductor and the veterinarian into the station master, the story will make sense. But this is how a day can look like, most of our volunteers have (almost) nothing to do with trains in their daily lives.

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