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Logo Brons 2020 Gelderland

A true spooky experience on the King's Line

Please note: due to the current measures concerning the Corona virus, it is unfortunately not possible to hold this special driving day. We hope to get the Griezel-Express back on track in 2022.

Nothing is quite as it seems on the train journey of the Creepy Halloween Express. At dusk, Herr Hoff – the curse of the VSM – comes to life along with other dark figures. The defenceless travellers of the previous edition of the Creepy Express suffered multiple traumas, what exactly happened is still a mystery. During this edition you will travel in one of our carriages to enjoy this bloodcurdling journey.

Suddenly, the steam train comes to a stop at the abandoned Loenen station. Loenen has been transformed into a ghost station, will you manage to get back on the train after the route through this ghost station and surrounding meadows to return to your starting station?

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You can start at the railway station in Apeldoorn (18:45) or at the museum station Beekbergen (18:00). You will be back in Apeldoorn around 22:30 and in Beekbergen around 22:00. The times of return in Apeldoorn and Beekbergen are subject to possible delay of the event.


The current fares for this package can be found on the fares page.


A reservation is required for this event, it is temporarily not possible to make a reservation.

Important information

Before you make your reservation, we would like to draw your attention to the following points:

  • Participation is entirely at your own risk;
  • When visiting the ghost station, we recommend you to dress appropriately according to the weather conditions and to wear sturdy shoes;
  • We do not recommend the Griezel-Express to people who have difficulty walking, are bothered by flashing lights, have back problems, suffer from heart problems or are pregnant. If you are in any doubt, please contact us in advance at;
  • Minimum age for participation is 14 years, for children up to 16 years of age adult supervision is required.
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