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Logo Brons 2020 Gelderland
Logo Brons 2020 Gelderland

A steamy trip to the Veluwsche Christmas market!

Please note: due to the current measures surrounding the Corona virus, it is unfortunately not possible to hold this special driving day. We hope to get the Veluwsche Kerstmarkt back on track in 2021.

That a steam train fits in perfectly with the Christmas ambiance is evident every year from the many trains that ride under many Christmas trees. A real steam train provides even more ambiance. That is why the VSM is organising a Veluwe Christmas market at the Museumstation Beekbergen, which has been specially decorated in Christmas style. In addition to the stalls with various (Christmas) items, you can also take a pleasant ride on the decorated steam train.

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The Veluwsche Kerstmarkt will be open from 11:00 to 19:00.

The steam train will run according to an intensive timetable, this timetable will be announced at a later time.


The current fares for this event can be found on the fares page.


Reservations are not (yet) required for this event, tickets are available in presale through the website.


Would you like to participate in the veluwe Christmas market? Then please contact us via Email for further information.

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