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Logo Brons 2020 Gelderland

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Rent the steam train for a day and return with your group to the warm ambiance of the railway days of times past.

In addition to renting the train with regular seats, there is also the possibility to organise a culinary ride exclusively for your group. For this, the VSM has several historic international dining carriages that are equipped with complete kitchens. This makes it possible to serve dinner, lunch, buffet and other festive meals on a moving train. So you can dine comfortably and tastefully in our historic carriages.

The steam train runs on the Apeldoorn-Dieren route with themed arrangements on a few riding days (see our calendar):

  • The Ghost Train;
  • The Christmas Train;
  • The Sinterklaas Express.

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On track
with your own train!

The Museumstation of the VSM is located in Beekbergen with the steam depot and the locomotive warehouse. The steam depot gives you an impression of the steam era of the railways from the last century, here you literally take a step back in time. It is well worth a visit to the steam depot, with many of the amenities needed to run steam locomotives.

For groups, a guided tour of the depot and the locomotive warehouse can be arranged, which explains what goes into driving historic steam trains. Even outside the riding days, groups are offered the opportunity to get a tour of the steam depot. The station has a beautiful station restaurant with various options for a cup of coffee, lunch or high tea. Here you can also give a company presentation or hold a meeting with your colleagues.


De Veluwsche Stoomtrein Mij offers the possibility to ride a (steam) train on its railway line exclusively for your group in the period from the beginning of April to the end of December. The timetable is specially compiled in consultation with you. You determine the time of departure and from which station. You will then have exclusive use of your steam train for a maximum of 5 hours. A possible visit to the steam depot can be planned. De Veluwsche Stoomtrein Mij is happy to inform you about the various options.

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