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Logo Brons 2020 Gelderland
Logo Brons 2020 Gelderland

Become a sponsor?

Fortunately, the VSM can also count on the contributions of various sponsors in addition to donations from donors. Tools, parts, use of machines and workshops, inspections and other services; there are all kinds of forms in which we may receive sponsorship from companies. Much in kind, but also sometimes through discounts. Of course, we are very happy with sponsors, big and small. This way we can achieve a lot with a small budget.

A specific form of financial sponsorship is seat sponsorship. We offer companies and individuals the opportunity to sponsor a seat or coupe for a fixed amount. Above the sponsored seat on the coupé a sign will be mounted with your name or that of your company. This way you symbolically have your own seat on the train.

But of course, we are also open to other forms of sponsorship.

Would you like to contribute and sponsor the VSM in kind or financially? Please feel free to contact the sponsor committee via

Will you be our sponsor?

Our sponsors

The following companies are already sponsors of the VSM:

  • Bentink modelspoor, Apeldoorn
  • AXI-Holding B.V., Beekbergen
  • BP Tankstation Assies, Beekbergen
  • De Jong & Laan Accountants & Belastingadviseurs, Eerbeek
  • Gira B.V., Barneveld
  • Led Supply Europe, Oosterbeek
  • Lloyd’s Register Nederland B.V. (sponsors the inspection of the boilers of all steam locomotives)
  • Strukton Railinfra Projecten, Maarssen
  • The Data Story
  • Vialis Volker Stevin Systems B.V., Zeist
  • VolkerRail Services B.V., Deventer
  • Westerink Stoomketelonderhoud, Lieren
  • VDL Weweler Nederland B.V., Apeldoorn
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