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Public Benefit Organisations (ANBI)

The Veluwsche Stoomtreinmaatschappij Foundation is the management foundation of the Veluwsche Stoomtreinmaatschappij (VSM) and recognised by the Tax Authorities as a Cultural ANBI (Algemeen Nut Beogende Instelling). This means that donations to the Foundation are generally deductible in your tax return. Below some information from the foundation to give you as a (potential) giver insight into the Veluwsche Stoomtreinmaatschappij Foundation.

Name of the institution
Stichting Veluwsche Stoomtreinmaatschappij

RSIN/tax number

Contact details
Stichting Veluwsche Stoomtreinmaatschappij
Rijnstraat 68
7332 AX Apeldoorn

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Objective (article 2 of the articles statute)
The foundation aims to:

  1. Promote activities that can contribute to the cultivation of interest in steam railways in general, more specifically for the Veluwsche Stoomtrein Maatschappij B.V., located in Beekbergen, municipality of Apeldoorn, hereinafter also referred to as: the V.S.M;
  2. Perform its duties in accordance with the objectives of the V.S.M;
  3. Acquire ownership and making available, if possible, equipment and real estate for the above purpose;
  4. Promoting collaboration with other organisations with a similar goal;
  5. Acquiring interests in the V.S.M. and other organisations or legal entities with a similar goal as the VSM, and providing financial and/or material support to the VSM and those organisations in the form of gifts and/or loans, if and insofar as this promotes the foundation’s goal.

Policy plan
Download our policy plan for the period 2016-2021 here.

Board composition
J. Dekker – voorzitter
A.C.P. Builtjes – secretaris
P.H. Esselink – penningmeester
S. Stuivenberg – lid
A. Willemsen – lid
D.W. Jansen Venneboer – lid
J.T. Verspyck Mijnssen – lid
M.S. Kiezenbrink – lid

Remuneration Policy
The VSM foundation has no paid employees, and the board members do not receive any remuneration or other expense allowances.

Report of the activities carried out
See our news-page.

Financial responsibility
See our 2014 financial statement.
See our 2015 financial statement.
See our 2016 financial statement.
See our 2017 financial statement.
See our 2018 financial statement.
See our preliminary 2019 financial statement.

Privacy declaration
See our privacy declaration.

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