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Logo Brons 2020 Gelderland

Terms and Conditions

These General Conditions apply to all products and services supplied by De Veluwsche Stoomtrein Maatschappij, unless expressly agreed otherwise in writing.

  • When ordering with iDEAL, you will receive your E-ticket in your mailbox within a few minutes. You must print this ticket, take it with you and show it on request to the conductor or at the entrance to the museum grounds.
  • In the case of orders where advance payment has been chosen, if the payment is not received within 7 days the reservation will be cancelled.
  • After we have received your payment, the E-ticket will be sent by e-mail. Take it with you and show it on request to the conductor or at the entrance to the museum grounds.
  • Tickets ordered will not be withdrawn or exchanged for gifts or vouchers. No refunds will be made for amounts paid.
  • The ticket is valid only on the date and, if applicable, the journey and/or time indicated on the ticket.
  • Orders placed after contacting the webshop staff must be paid within 7 days.
  • The tickets are not transferable.
  • In the event of calamities or technical problems, the timetable may be deviated from and it is possible that replacement transport will be used. In periods of drought, the Veluwsche Stoomtrein Maatschappij may not get permission to use a steam locomotive. In most cases, a diesel locomotive will be used as a replacement.
  • In the case of lost, forgotten or other reasons for missing tickets, VSM will not replace or refund them.
  • Making a copy of the ticket (or printing it twice) in order to pass the control several times is futile. In case of a duplicate ticket, the ticket that is presented first to us will be the ticket that grants access. If the ticket is presented again, it will be considered invalid.
  • If you cancel your booking yourself, you will be charged a cancellation fee and/or not receive a full or partial refund of the travel price already paid.
  • We would like to inform you that you will be travelling in historic carriages which have only limited accessibility for wheelchairs, prams, etc. We therefore recommend that you only take collapsible versions with you.
  • In line with legislation and social developments, a complete ban on smoking applies at VSM.
  • The VSM bears no responsibility for general information in photos, brochures, advertisements, websites and other information media, as far as it has been drawn up or published under the responsibility of third parties.
  • VSM is not liable for damage/injury caused as a result of unsafe or irresponsible action by the guest.
  • The guest(s) is/are obliged to comply with all instructions of the VSM to facilitate a proper and safe execution of the journey and is/are liable for damage and/or injury to himself/herself and others, caused by his/her unlawful/unsafe behaviour, to be judged by the standard of behaviour of a proper guest.
  • The passenger who causes or may cause such nuisance or trouble that a proper execution of the trip is considerably hindered or can be hindered, can be excluded from (the continuation of) the trip by VSM, if in all reasonableness it cannot be asked of him/her that the agreement be fulfilled. All ensuing costs shall be borne by the passenger, if and insofar as the consequences of the hindrance or nuisance can be attributed to him/her.
  • Parents/guardians are responsible for their own children at all times.
  • All prices are displayed in Euros (€), including turnover tax (VAT) and other levies imposed by the government.
  • Ordered items are delivered to the delivery address within a few weeks.
  • If the number of travellers exceeds the number previously agreed, this is only possible if there are enough available seats. Please contact the VSM Webshop, preferably by e-mail.
  • The VSM may contact you once by e-mail to complete an anonymous survey. The results are used to improve our products and services.

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House rules
We kindly point out our house rules. The additional rules surrounding the measures taken around the Coronavirus apply in addition to the rules below.

General rules:

  • Parents, watch your children at all times!
  • The VSM accepts no liability for loss, theft, damage, etc. of your personal belongings.
  • Parking your car or bicycle at the VSM stations is at your own risk.
  • If your clothes become soiled (for example by soot or by touching a steam locomotive), the VSM is not liable.
  • Photography and filming for non-commercial purposes is only permitted in places accessible to the public.
  • Photography and filming for commercial purposes is only permitted with the permission of the management of the VSM.
  • Visitors must at all times follow the instructions of employees of the VSM. These can be recognised by a uniform or by showing the company pass.

At and around the stations:

  • It is not allowed to enter the tracks. Make use of the walking routes.
  • The visit to the workshop and the shed is only possible under the supervision of an employee of the VSM. Access to the workshop and shed is entirely at your own risk.
  • It is not allowed to cycle on the platform and the yard.
  • Keep sufficient distance from passing trains on the platform.

In the train:

  • We would like to keep our historic trains for a very long time to come. Do not put your feet on the benches or step on them.
  • Do not cause any inconvenience to other guests.
  • The stay on the open balconies is at your own risk. Keep an eye on your children.
  • Consuming your own drinks/food is not allowed in the dining car.
  • After the doors have been closed and the departure signal has been given, it is no longer allowed to enter or exit.
  • Do not get on or off until the train has come to a complete stop.
  • Smoking (even electric) is not allowed, not even on the open balconies.
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